Peterborough County Genealogy

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2012 Apr 7
Photographers - Green to Mathias
Places of Worship
    Index of Ministers
    Photos - Ministers, Baptist, Christian Reformed, Free Methodist, Lutheran
    Roman Catholic
    Wesleyan Methodist
    Smaller denominations (rest)

2012 Mar 3
Changes and corrections
History (dates added)
Post Offices
Places of Worship
    Methodist Church in Canada
    Methodist Church of Canada
    Salvation Army
    Smaller denominations (part) Photographers
    Doxee to Garfield
Township Papers

2021 Feb 11
Changes and corrections
    css (lighten background)
    Main (darken menu letters)
    POW Short Forms
    Place Names
Places of Worship
    Anglican - photos loaded
    United - all reloaded
    to Cunningham, Esterbrook

2021 Feb 7
Correct missing link
    to Cunningham, Esterbrook
Places of Worship
    United (Glen Alda to Lasswade)
    Photos: Anglican (some)

2021 Feb 5 (first upload)
General References
Place Names (incomplete)
Places of Worship
    Photographs have not been added
    Short Forms for Archives, Libraries, and Newspapers (needs checking)
    Short Forms for Denomination
    Index of Ministers (just a test)
    Bible Christian
    Christian Reformed
    Free Methodist
    Methodist Episcopal
    Methodist New Connexion
    Presbyterian - The Kirk
    Presbyterian - Free Church
    Presbyterian Church in Canada
    United (to Fairview)
Townships (incomplete)