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Beth Isreal Synagogue

Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, 1900 - 1964 – PCMA 73-022

There has been a Jewish population in Peterborough since at least 1881.

            1911                                        Philip Black (Schochet and Chazan, first religious leader)

            1922                                        house on Water St rented (previously services were held in homes)

            1926 Jan -                               A Fine

            1933                                        a house on Aylmer St remodelled into a synagogue

            1933                                        Peterborough Jewish Society renamed Congregation Beth Israel

            1945                                        Methodist Sunday School on Reid St purchased and remodelled into a synagogue

            1952 Sep 1 - 1965+                A M Babb

            1965                                        new synagogue opened on Weller St