Saved Army

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            A clone of the Salvation Army, the Saved Army started in Portsmouth, near Kingston Ont, in the spring of 1883. It was well organized and spread rapidly, but declined after a few years. There were many copycat Armies (Tackaberry identified 28 in Ontario between 1882 and 1887) ranging from the respectable to the larcenous. Very little is known about any of them. There is a chapter about them, including two pages about the Saved Army, in Tackaberry, Major James - The History of the Salvation Army in Canada as Portrayed in Newspaper Reports - manuscript at SAHC. Permission to use this material is gratefully acknowledged.

            As well, the SAHC has a copy of one issue of the Saved Army Trumpet, the movement’s newspaper. This is dated 1885 Jun 30 and was published in Peterborough (Joseph McClelland, Manager). It lists 39 stations, all in Southern Ontario. The ones in the Peterborough area and their commanding officer are:

            Bobcaygeon                           Lewis

            Nogies Creek                         Lewis

            Norwood                                Graham

            Peterborough                        Clarke