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Methodist - Introduction

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            It is very difficult to understand the various combinations of Methodist churches. Very briefly, in 1874 the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada and the Methodist New Connexion Church of Canada combined to form the Methodist Church of Canada. In 1884, the Methodist Church of Canada, the Bible Christian Church in Canada, and the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada combined to form the Methodist Church. The actual situation is much more complex, involving a number of other churches and factions. It is best understood with the aid of a map, that from Silcox, Claris E - Church Union in Canada - Institute of Social and Religious research, New York (1933). This is reproduced in OGS - Guide to Family History Research in the Archival Repositories of the United Church of Canada (1966).

            In 1925, the Methodist Church in Canada, part of the Presbyterian Church of Canada and some other denominations formed the United Church of Canada.

            So, in Peterborough County, we have:


Bible Christian Church in Canada                              to 1884

Methodist Church of Canada                                      1874 - 1884

Methodist Church in Canada                                      1884 - 1925

Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada                     to 1884

Methodist New Connexion Church of Canada           to 1874

United Church of Canada                                           from 1925

Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada                     to 1874