Places of Worship
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Apsley and Clydesdale Mission
Blairton Mission
Bobcaygeon and Dunsford Field
Bobcaygeon - Knox Church
Buckhorn Lakehurst Mission
Buckhorn Church - see Halls Bridge Church
Chandos Mission
Chandos and Burleigh Field / Mission
Chandos and Cardiff Mission
Clydesdale Church
Cordova Church
Cottesloe – see Dummer
Fowlers Corners and Omemee Field
Fowler's Corner's - see Lakevale
Halls Bridge Lakehurst Rockcroft Mission
Halls Bridge Church
Harvey Mission
Hastings Havelock Field
Hastings Havelock Norwood Field
Hastings Norwood Field
Hastings St Andrew Church
Havelock and Stony Lake Mission - see Havelock - Knox
Havelock - Knox Church
Kawartha Lakes Mission
Kawartha Park Chapel
Keene Westwood Field
Keene Church (pre 1925)
Keene - Knox Church (post 1925)
Kinmount Mission and Church
Lakefield and North Smith Field (pre 1925)
Lakefield Mission (post 1925)
Lakefield Lakehurst Warsaw
Lakefield - Knox Church (pre 1925)
Lakefield - St Andrew Church (post 1925)
Lakehurst - Knox Church
Lakevale Church
Lakehurst, Hall's Bridge, and Rockcroft Mission
Lakehurst Rockcroft Buckhorn Mission
Marmora etc Field
Minden and Kinmount - see Kinmount
North Peterborough
North Smith
Norwood Havelock Field
Norwood - St Andrew Church
Pinegrove Church
Peterborough - Knox Church
Peterborough - St Andrew Church
Peterborough - St Giles Church
Peterborough - St Paul Church
Peterborough - St Stephen Church
Peterborough - South Mission
Rockcroft - St Andrew Church
Round Lake and Stoney Lake Mission
Scotch Settlement
South Monaghan, Fowlers Corners Field
Springville and Bethany Field
Springville Church - see Springville and Bethany Field
Stewart Hall
Stony Lake, etc Mission / Field
Warkworth Hastings Field
Warsaw and Cottesloe Mission - see Warsaw and Dummer Mission
Warsaw and Dummer Mission
Warsaw Church
Westwood (pre 1925)
Westwood - Francis Andrews Church (post 1925)