Peterborough County Photographers
Robert D Ewing

Hunter St, Peterborough
Known Dates: 1862-1866

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There are at least five Ewing photographers in Ontario. Since several ended up in Toronto, it can be confusing.

Robert D Ewing was in Peterborough 1862-66. His first ad appeared in the Peterborough Examiner on 1862 Aug 14 (the ad ran to 1862 Oct 9) “Mr Ewing has commenced the practice of photography in the rooms lately occupied by Mr Cox, opposite the Review office”. An ad on 1862 Nov 6 said “Mr Ewing has removed to his new rooms over Ormond and Gilmour’s drug store. Entrance on Hunter St.” He was at some point in Cobourg (Mark 4), Port Hope (Marks 5 and 6) and was in Toronto 1867-70.

S Ewing was in Picton in 1872.

E W Ewing was in Picton 1873-74.

William B Ewing was in Parkdale 1888-89 and in Toronto 1890-92.

R W Ewing was in Toronto 1892-93.

Ewing and Co was in Toronto 1870-74. From the dates it is reasonable to assume that this was Robert Ewing, late of Peterborough, but this needs to be verified.

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Peterborough Marks

Mark 1           Back of a stereo card. Not full size: “Photo .... C. W.” 10.8 cm

                        Date: ukn


Mark 2                                               Mark 3                                   Mark 4

    Back of visiting card                        Back of visiting card           Back of visiting card

    Date: 1866                                        Date:                                    Date:




Mark 5           Back centre of visiting card. Line at bottom “Negatives preserved”

(below left)     Sproule 1 is a stamp over this Ewing mark.

                        Date: c1875



Mark 6           Back centre of visiting card. Line at bottom “Negatives preserved”

(above right)   Date: