Peterborough County Photographers
Parks Studio

1918 - 1980
Known dates: Lewis R Parks: 1922 - 1938

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            The studio operated under Lewis R Parks and his son Gordon Parks. Lewis started the business in 1918 or 1919 on Townsend St, but soon moved to 122 Park St N. It was a photo developing and printing business until 1927 when he added a photographic studio.. In 1938 he moved to 208 Charlotte St. Lewis retired in 1966.

            Gordon joined his father in 1951. When the studio closed in 1980, it was at the corner of Brock and Aylmer Streets.

(Information from the Peterborough Archives.)

            Marks that are specifically Lewis R Parks have an L before the number.

            Those that are specifically Parks Studio have an S before the number.

            Those that are only Parks do not have a letter before the number.

Mark L1        Front lower right (Scan enlarged, original 1.9 cm long)




Mark L2        Front lower right.




Mark L3        Front lower centre on mat. Incised and printed. Large indent on back.



Mark S1         Front lower centre



Mark 1           Front lower centre