Peterborough County Photographers

140½ Hunter St, Peterborough
Known Dates:
Roy 1896 Mar - est 1928
R M Roy 1896 - 1897
F L (Fred L) Roy 1913 - 1923
Roy Studio 1911 - 1945+

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A large dynasty, operating from 1897 to well beyond the end of this study. RM Roy started the business, probably in 1896. He is known to have been involved in railway security until 1896. He used “RM Roy”, “Roy”, and probably “Roy Studio”.

His son FL (Fred) Roy got involved around 1904 and is the one who really built the firm. There is no known mark unique to him, but he did use “Roy” and “Roy Studio”.

There are many, many Roy marks. Care must be taken since Roy did a major business copying old photos, but put a Roy mark on the copy. Some are marked as Roy copy; some are not.

In this study, the marks are catalogued with a letter before the number:

letter R         “RM Roy”

no letter        “Roy”

letter S          “Roy Studio”

letter A         “Amateur” (part of Roy Studio)