Anstruther Township

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Surveyed: 1859-60 by George Stewart

Survey Type: 1000 acre section

First legal settler: 1862


Municipal Records:

    For records 1864 to 1894 see Burleigh Anstruther Chandos

    For records 1894 to 1998 see Burleigh Anstruther

    For records after 1998 see North Kawartha


1857 May 27  New Townships of Galway, Cavandish, and Anstruther attached to Peterborough County (Statutes of Canada 1857 Cap 76 p 359)

1863 Nov 18   Anstruther attached to Dummer & Burleigh (Bylaw 228)

1864 Jun 24    Formation of United Township of Burleigh, Anstruther, Chandos, Cardiff, Monmouth, Harecourt, and Bruton (County Bylaw 238)

1874 Mar 24   Cardiff, Monmouth, Harecourt, and Bruton removed to new Provisional County of Haliburton. (37 Vic Cap 65 p 469)

1893 Jun 18    Chandos separated from Township of Burleigh Anstruther Chandos, effective 1894 Jan 1 (County Bylaw 688), leaving Burleigh Anstruther Twp

1998 Jan 1      Burleigh Anstruther Twp and Chandos Twp re-united into Burleigh Anstruther Chandos Twp

1999 Dec 22   name changed from Burleigh Anstruther Chandos Twp to North Kawartha Twp