Ennismore Township

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Named in honour of Viscount Ennismore, second Earl of Listowell. Also a location in Co Kerry.

Surveyed: 1825

Survey Type: Double front

First legal settler: 1825

Township history:

    Galvin, Clare F - The Holy Land - Twp of Ennismore (1978)

Municipal Records:

Assessment    1839-41 AO: MS16 reel 4

Census 1839-41 AO: MS16 reel 4

              c1820 AO: MS16 reel 9

Assessment and Census 1827-28, 1830 AO: MS16 reel 4

Non-Resident Collector Rolls 1893-1902 PCMA


1849 Oct 6      Bylaw attaching Ennismore and Harvey to Smith (Cda Gazette 1849 p7387)

1851 Dec 31   Apparently Ennismore was separated from Smith and Harvey (Smith General Return 1937)

1998 Jan 1      amalgamated into Smith Ennismore Twp

2001 Jan 1      Lakefield Village joins to form Smith Ennismore Lakefield Twp